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Image of Midgard Image of Midgard

Copper electroformed Ash tree branches with a big chunky Smokey Quartz.

ūüĆ≥ Yggdrasill, in¬†Norse mythology, is the¬†World Tree, a giant ash tree supporting the universe.

ūüĆ≥One of its roots extended into¬†Niflheim, the underworld; another into¬†J√∂tunheim, land of the giants; and the third into¬†Asgard, home of the gods.

ūüĆ≥At its base were three wells:¬†Urdarbrunnr¬†(Well of Fate), from which the¬†tree¬†was watered by the Norns (the Fates);¬†Hvergelmir¬†(Roaring Kettle), in which¬†lived¬†Nighogg, the monster that gnawed at the tree‚Äôs roots; and¬†M√≠misbrunnr¬†(Mimir‚Äôs Well), source of wisdom, for the waters of which¬†Odin¬†sacrificed an eye.

ūüĆ≥After¬†Ragnar√∂k¬†(Doomsday), the world tree, though badly shaken, was to be the source of new life.