Welcome, friends! For those of you visiting for the first time, my name is Ashley and I am the creator of Lady Hawk Spirit Craft.  I am an artist, Reiki practitioner, and the mother of two beautiful children.

At Lady Hawk Spirit Craft you will find offerings created with reverance and loving intention.

My spiritual journey and relationship with healing crystals inspired the creation of Lady Hawk Spirit Craft, as a means to spread healing to all those in need. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies; each possessing healing and nurturing attributes that assist us in manifesting healthier states of being.  By focusing our intention they bring healing and raise our vibration. 

All of my offerings are made with crystals, bones, botanicals, or a combination of the three.  I also use crystals in my Reiki practice!

I'm so honored to be able to create for you and share some healing vibes!!