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Chakra Oil Roller (MTO)

Made To Order chakra oil roller (10ml) is made with your choice of chakra stone and essential oils. IN THE NOTES SECTION, TYPE YOUR CHOICE OF CHAKRA CRYSTAL (If no crystal is typed in the notes I will intuitively choose one for you). The crystal balances the corresponding chakra and the luxurious essential oils are an amazing aromatherapy tool.

*Crown: clear quartz
*Crown/3rd Eye: Amethyst
*Throat: Lapis Lazuli
*Heart: Rose Quartz
*Solar Plexus: Citrine
*Sacral: Carnelian
*Root: Fire Amber
*PROTECTION: Black Tourmaline

Carrier oil: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil)

**If there is an essential oil combination you would like that you do not see listed, feel free to contact me and we can discuss options

^^ If you see that a scent is sold out with the stone of your choice, check to see if that scent is in stock with another stone. As long as that scent is in stock with another stone listing, I can make the roller with the stone you prefer. Just leave a note at check out.

**DISCLAIMER: this product is not meant to replace traditional medicine. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. Please consult your physician if you are experiencing significant health issues.