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Image of Lift the Veil
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Lift the Veil

It has been told that the veil thins as the autumn leaves and things of nature seem to go back into the earth and therefore leaving a larger space for higher consciousness to occur. It's a time of quieting down our busy lives and our minds so that we may become more in tune with our higher selves and the divine.
Samhain, October 31st, is the day when the veil is its thinnest, making it much easier to connect with our loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit realm.

100% soy was candle with a Selenite sphere, a rose bud, and a headstone wax melt.
*Top: anise, cinnamon, white ginger
*Middle: jasmine, ghost flower, patchouli, clove
*Base: amber resin, vanilla, smoke

Image of Lift the Veil
Image of Lift the Veil
Image of Lift the Veil