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Image of Smudge Mist
$20.00 USD

Smudge Mist

4oz. Ritual Cleansing Mist is made with organic sage essential oil, 100% wild-crafted Palo Santo essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, witch hazel, moon water, pink himalayan sea salt & a black tourmaline crystal.

Clear away negative energy and renew yourself with Lady Hawk Spirit Craft's whimsical cleansing spray! Mist over your body to cleanse your aura, cleanse your car after a long day, cleanse your bathroom after use, and freshen up your home or office to keep the positive energy flowing! Each bottle is infused with black tourmaline. Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energies. Ritual Cleansing Mist is an amazing alternative to a smokey smudge. As you release and cleanse old energy, you can amplify your new positive intentions.


Image of Smudge Mist