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Image of The Morrigan | Dark Goddess Collection
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The Morrigan | Dark Goddess Collection

✨️ The Mórrigan, a dark goddess, was a great warrior-queen goddess in Irish-Celtic mythology. She was most associated with inciting war, then stirring up the fury and frenzy of battle, and finally, as the bringer of death.
✨️The Morrigan emerges from the ancient Celtic mythology of Ireland, where she reigns as a powerful goddess. She is often depicted as a triune goddess, embodying three distinct aspects: Macha, the warrior; Badb, the crow or raven; and Nemain, the battle frenzy. She stands as a representative of the complex and multifaceted nature of the divine feminine, possessing both nurturing and destructive qualities.
✨️ One of the primary roles of the Morrigan is her association with war and battle. She is said to appear on the battlefield as a crow or raven, inspiring fear and courage in warriors, and even foretelling their fates. The Morrigan's presence is often seen as an omen of impending conflict or a call to action for those destined to fight. Her association with war serves as a reminder of the inevitability of struggle and the importance of courage in the face of adversity.
✨️ Beyond her connection to war, the Morrigan is intimately linked to the concepts of fate and prophecy. In Celtic mythology, she is believed to possess the ability to shape and determine the destinies of individuals and even entire kingdoms. Her prophetic powers grant her the ability to foresee battles and events, influencing the outcomes and playing a crucial role in the unfolding of history. The Morrigan's role as a weaver of fate emphasizes the delicate balance between free will and the forces that guide our lives.

100% soy wax candle with Jet crystal, mugwort leaf, a hawthorn berry, and a crow skull charm/pendant.
*Top: eucalyptus, peppermint
*Middle: lavender, sage, oakmoss
*Base: smoke, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood

Image of The Morrigan | Dark Goddess Collection
Image of The Morrigan | Dark Goddess Collection
Image of The Morrigan | Dark Goddess Collection